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Dementia Workshop

Thursday, November 12, 2020

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Program 9:00 am –4:00pm

6 Clock Hours will be awarded

On line platform via ZOOM

Session 1 ~ “Speaking Dementia:  Understanding & Being Understood” (Part 1)

  • Review of Alzheimer’s Statistics
  • The Difference between “Alzheimer’s” and “Dementia”
  • Most Common Types of Dementia-Related Diseases, and What Makes Each Unique
  • Activity: “Seeing the World through the Eyes of Dementia”
  • Brain Changes that Impact Communication:
    • Frontal Lobe: Lack of inhibition; inability to have a thought without expressing it or acting upon it; loss of the ability to reason/make logical decisions

Session 2 ~ “Speaking Dementia:  Understanding & Being Understood” (Part 2)

  • Brain Changes that Impact Communication:
    • Temporal Lobe: Language comprehension, vocabulary, word formulation; retention of rhythm-related abilities (music, poems, prayers, etc.)
    • Hippocampus: Loss of short-term memory; problems with way-finding; “time-travel”/ going to “Dementia Land”
    • Occipital Lobe: Loss of peripheral vision
  • Reasons Why Caregivers Struggle with Communication
  • The Importance on Non-Verbal Communication for Individuals Living with Dementia
  • Final Tips to Help Understand and Be Understood

Session 3 ~ “Effective Responses to the Challenging Behaviors of Dementia”

  • Activity: “Engage Me!”
  • Intro: “What Is “Behavior?”
  • Common Unmet Needs for Persons Living with Dementia
  • The A-B-C Behavior Chain
  • Challenging Behaviors: Hoarding, Delusions, Paranoia, Agitation, Aggression, Calling Out/Repetitive Behaviors, Looking for Parent/Spouse, Wandering, Exit-Seeking/Elopment, Sexual Behaviors, Catastrophic Responses and special strategies for the issues of Covid-19
  • The Best Way to Support an Individual who is Having a Hard Time (NOT Giving You a Hard Time)!!

Session 4 ~ “The Gift of Music in Dementia Care”

  • Why Music Boosts Brain Activity
  • Activity: “What Does This Song Make You Think About?”
  • Video Exerpt: “Alive Inside”
  • The Value of Personalized Music for Individuals Living with Dementia

Who should attend?

Anyone working with people at skilled nursing facilities, residential care homes, rehabilitation facilities, adult day care centers, home care agencies, etc., including but not limited to: TRD’s, CNAs, home health aides, social workers, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, administrators, memory or dementia unit managers / supervisors. Clock hours earned can be used toward hours for your National Certification(s).


Lori L. Dierolf, BA, PCHA, CDP, CADDCT, CAEd

Open Door Training & Development

Having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Human Relations, Lori Dierolf began her career as a Care Aide working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

In 1996, she became the Human Resources Director in a skilled nursing facility, where she was responsible for all aspects of staff development and education for long-term care.  Since then, in addition to her experience in skilled care, Lori has worked in continuing care retirement communities, as well as in personal care/assisted living communities, where since 2006 she has also held certification as an Administrator.

With certifications through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners as a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) and a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care Trainer (CADDCT), as well as being a Certified Alzheimer’s Educator (CAEd) through the National Certification Board for Alzheimer’s Care, Lori has conducted training sessions for numerous care facilities and community organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America, senior centers, support groups, and churches.

Lori partners with the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences to offer Dementia Education to students and the local community, leading informational sessions and simulation experiences to increase knowledge and understanding of dementia-related diseases. She speaks at conferences across the country about dementia and leadership topics with a focus on the long-term healthcare industry.

Lori brings her light, entertaining style to all of her trainings. She engages her learners in ways that keep them interested and includes real-life examples to help learners put new skills into everyday practice.  Lori takes pride in “edu-taining” her students, who consistently rate her sessions with 5/5 stars!!


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